Loch's Maple Fiber Mill, Inc.
143 Cokely Road
Springville, Pa 18844

Phone - 570-965-2679

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Processes We Offer

  1. Scouring of fiber
  2. Picking fiber
  3. Carding
  4. Pin drafting
  5. Spinning fiber into yarn
  6. Plying into 2 ply's and more
  7. Traditional Skeins
  8. Yarn on cones


Visit our Services and Terms page for more details on these services.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Loch's Maple Fiber Mill Inc. is to join in the preservation of agriculture and traditional trades. We will teach others about the industries that made America strong.

Why Lochs?

  • We will not charge set up fees
  • We will not cut your fiber
  • We will always strive to produce the highest possible Quality Finished Product
  • We will treat your fiber as if it was our own
  • We are a PA Preferred Fiber Mill

New Comb Top Service

Now in Service!


We have wanted to offer our customers comb top processing in addition to the carding we currently offer. This would allow us to produce worsted yarn, which is spun from parallel fibers that have been combed (in addition to carding) to remove shorter bits and spun with a short draw to keep the fibers in their parallel alignment.

We searched for a suitable comb top machine in the US for over a year without success. We then expanded our search and finally found the machine we wanted in Europe. The machine was reconditioned prior to delivery and we now have it installed and operational.

Our new comb top machine allows us to process fine wools like Merino and Cormo because the comb top machine will remove the noils that naturally occur when carding these fine wools. It also gives us the ability to do a true worsted yarn, where before we could only offer semi worsted.

To the best of our knowledge Loch’s Fiber Mill is one of only two mills in the USA offering this service on a small scale customer run!

We are now accepting fiber for processing on this new equipment.

Please call or e-mail us for more details on this service.

A Message from Randy and Jamie

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