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Services Offered and Terms





$25.00 per fleece

We strongly recommend you skirt your fleece before shipping. This will save you the cost of shipping unwanted material that will be removed and disposed of later.

Color Separation

$25.00 per fleece

Due to the time consuming nature of this task we must charge an additional fee for color separation of fleeces. For example: separating brown and white of Jacob fleeces.

We strongly encourage our customers to perform this step themselves, saving us time and themselves this extra cost.

Scouring (Washing)

$2.50 per pound incoming weight per wash

Normal number of washes is 2, however some fiber may need more or fewer washes.


$7.00 per pound for wool*

$7.50 per pound on Exotics* and for Blending

This includes Picking carding and Pin Drafting.


$7.00 per pound finished weight for Felting or quilting

Approximate size 26” x 60”.


$15.00 per pound

Bulky: 8 or fewer WPI (approximately 400 - 700 yards per pound)

Worsted: 8 - 14 WPI (approximately 900 -1100 Yards per pound)

$17.00 per Pound

DK: 12 - 18 WPI (approximately 1000-1400 yards per pound)

Sport: 18 - 24 WPI (approximately 1300 -1800 yards per pound)

$19.00 per Pound

Fingering: No more then 2 ply - 24 - 30 WPI (approximately 1800 – 2400 Yards per Pound)

Lace: No more then 2 ply - 36 - 42 WPI (approximately 3000 - 6000 yards per pound)

Prices are based on finished weight.

We have a 2 pound minimum finished weight for spinning. We will charge for 2 pounds if your finished weight is under 2 pounds.

This includes spinning, plying and skeining**


No extra charge

Traditional or Cone

Comb Top

$8 per pound

Fiber must already have been processed into an intact roving, either by us or at another mill, to qualify for the preprocessed price. (Must be an intact roving that will easily go through the pin drafter to size for combing.)

Comb Top

$12 per pound (washed weight)

Price includes Picking, Carding, Pin Drafting, Combing and Pin drafting again. 5 pound washed weight Minimum for wool, other fibers may need larger quantities or blending (Not all fibers can be combed.) Spinning from comb top will result in Proper Worsted Yarn!

* Exotic: Alpaca, Angora, Llama, Mohair, Fine wools
** Fiber must go through the washing and roving process to be spun
(To calculate the charges: Add washing + roving + spinning)

Prices effective 07 October, 2011

  • All prices are subject to change without notice
  • Payment in full is due before fiber is returned
  • Fiber not paid for within 45 days of notification of completion becomes the property of Loch’s Maple Fiber mill, Inc.